Animation Short  (GER)
Director & Animation: Sophie Schönborn
Music: Markus Zierhofer
listen here


Animation Short  (GER)
Director & Animation: Eduardo Pasquinello
Music: Markus Zierhofer
listen here


Experimental Short  (GER)
Director: Therese Koppe
Music: Markus Zierhofer
listen here

Dit is Fußball

Short Series – RBB  (GER)
additional Music: Markus Zierhofer


Antonio, ihm schmeckt’s nicht

Spielfilm – Comedy (GER)
Director: Sven Unterwaldt
Music: Karim Elias
Orchestration/Music Editing: Markus Zierhofer


Spielfilm – Drama (AUT)
Director: Patrick Guendera
(Key Scene will be recorded with Film Orchestra Babelsberg on Feb. 15th during the Berlinale)
(Coming soon)


short silent film (GER)
Director: Sophie Linnenbaum
Production: Philipp Rappsilber
Szenographie: Fion-Jasper Hoppmann
Kamera: Volodymyr Ivanov
(Coming soon)


Animation film (GER)
Director: Deniz Zagli
(Filmuniversität Babelsberg)
You can watch the short film here.

Big Bad Wolf

Horror – Short film (GER)
Director: Katharina Russ
Kamera: Jana Pape
Script: Katharina Russ
Entries: Genrenale 2016, Berlin
(Filmuniversität Babelsberg)



short film drama (GER)
Director: Liesa Schober
Production: Aida Brückner
Kamera: Carina Neubohn
Sound: Adrian Lorenz
(Filmuniversität Babelsberg)
You can listen to the Soundtrack here.


short film (UK)
Director: Sedi Ghadiri
(London Film School)

The Fortress of Dorkness

TV Show / YT (US)
Lead Writer: Nuh Omar
Writer/ Ex. Producer: Christian Villarreal
Producer: Ryan Burke


animation film (UK)
Director: Oscar Lewis
You can listen to the Soundtrack here.

A Message

short film (UK)
Director: Matthew Thomas
(London Film School)


short film (AUT)
Director: Siegmund Skalar
Production: Silvia Winzinger
Kamera: Felix Krisai
Entries: Brac Film Festival (Kroation), Kinoproba (Russland), Istanbul internationale Short Film Festival 2016, SF1

She lies There

short film (AUT)
Director: Bela Baptiste
Music: Markus Zierhofer


short film (UK)
Director: Frederick Kau
(London Film School)

12 Points

short film (AUT)
Director & Writer: Renè Kmet
With Christoph Grissemann
Entries: Various festivals including International Frontale Film Festival, “Festival du Cinema europa”
You can listen to the Soundtrack here.


short film – comedy (GER)
Director: Michael Graeter
(Rhode film competition entry)

Eine Frage der Zeit

short film – horror (AUT)
Director: David Grisspann
Producer: Christian Reiter



horror – short film (AUT)
Director: Manu Johns
Producer: Manu Johns
Entries: Top 10 selection for Shocking Shorts award 13th street, Diagonale, ORF 3

Tempus Fug’it

short film (AUT)
Director: Bela Baptiste
Producer: Ernest Gold

The Return of Elias Urquijo

Spielfilm – Drama
You can find more info on IMDB


Eye of Indra

short film / fan film (AUT)
Director: Constantin Prochazka
Executive Producer: Claudia Klose
Producer: Florian Milz
Producer: Patrick Pachinger

For a list of my recent film projects you can also visit my IMDb profile.

If you are interested to perform a piece and look into the scores please contact me anytime!

For a list of my concert works you can also visit my profile on MICA (Austrian music database).



for Saxophone orchstra,
2015, 10 min

Black Snow

Klangwelt für Streichorchester, Harfe und Kontrafagott,
2015, 5 min

One Foot in the grave, three feet on a banana peel

Concertino for Violin, Violoncello and Orchestra,
2015, 5 min
You can find the notes here (excerpt).
(Commissioned by the Baradene Orchestra oft he St. Mary’s College, Auckland, NZ)

Journey to the East

for Symphony Orchestra,
2014, 7 min
(Commissioned by the orchestra of St. Peter’s and St. Mary’s College, Auckland, NZ)

EnLiving – The Awakening Brings Clarity

for Chamber Orchestra,
2013, 8min
(Performed by the chamber orchestra group oft he Tonkünstler Orchestra, AUT)

Deep Light

for Brass Band,
2012, 7 min

SoRTeHRaC – A Dragon’s Tale

for Symphonie Orchestra,
2012, 5 min (Commissioned by the Youth orchestra lower Austria, AUT)

DRaGu – eine Welt ohne seines gleichen

for Wind band,
2011/12, 11 min, in 4 Movements

Suite op.qo

for Symphony Orchestra,
2011/12, 15 min, in 4 Movements

One Item

for Wind band,
2011, 7 min

The Bus Traval

for Symphony Orchestra,
2010, 8 min

The Ugly Butterfly

for Symphony Orchestra and Piano,
2009/10, 24 min
in 3 Movements (Commissioned and performed by the BORG orchestra, Wr. Neustadt, AUT)

Seven Tones

Fassung für Orchester und Solo Klavier,
2009/10, 9 min

3 kleine Orchesterwerke

for Symphonie Orchestra, 2008/2009, 12 min


EnLightened DayLife

for flute, saxophone, double bass and piano,
Premiere on Feb. 1st 2016, Royal College of Music perfomed by Urbia Quartet
open circle, The ShapeShifter, Lone Grey
You can find the notes here (excerpt).
(Commissioned by the Urbia Quartet, London, UK)

Die vergebene Liebe zum verlorenen Butterbrot

for Violin, 2 Violoncellos, Piano and Actor,
2014, 16 min
(Commissioned by Viola, Carola and Andrea Krebs)


for 4 percussion player,
2015, 5 min
You can find the notes here  (excerpt).
(Commissioned by the Youth Orchestra Auckland)

Only 4 Marimba

for 4 Marimbas,
2014, 8 min

Right Way?

for Bassoon and Piano,
2014, 5 min

Souls for Air

for 2 Bb-Clarinets and Piano,
2014, 5 min

Vice Celvion

for Violin and Violoncello,
2013, 4 min

Tier I

for mixed Ensemble, Horn, Trumpet, Trombone, Acustic Guitar, Violin, Violoncello.
Piano and Choir, 2013, 4 min


for Saxophone Quartet, Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Baritone Saxopone,
2012/2013, 9 min,
Pulsing Light | Come On | Hi-Jap
(Commissioned by the Sonus Quartet, Vienna, AUT)


for Tenor Saxophone and Double Bass,
2013, 6 min

eNWo To THRee

for Flute, Violin, Violoncello and Double Bass,
2013, 7 min

Angst For Geigen

for 2 Violins,
2012, 5 min


for Flute, Saxophone and Piano,
2012, 9 min, in 3 Actions

The Notirab Jungle

for Euphonium and Piano,
2012, 5 min


for Flute, Bassoon, Tuba, Piano, Violin, Violoncello and Double Bass,
2012, in 3 floors

Oc Hornuo

for 8 Horns,
2012, 6 min


for 3 Flutes, Viola, Tuba, Double Bass and Piano,
2012, 7 min

Tre Hades

for Tenor, Baritone and Bass Saxophone,
2012, 8 min, in 3 movements

Vögel und Frosch

for 5 Flutes and Quint Bassoon,
2011, 4 min


for Violin, Viola, Violoncello, Double Bass and Saxophone Solist,
2011, 10 min, in 4 Movements

Ein kurzer Satz einer Legende

for Stringsquartett,
2011, 5 min

Una Fantasia su un Tema Romantico

for Saxophone and Piano,
2011, 5 min

Horses On A Hill

for Stringquartett,
2011, 7 min


5 pieces for Saxophonequintett,
2010, 8 min

Saxo Moods

for Alto Saxophone and Piano,
2010, 7 min


for 2 Double Basses,
2010, 8 min
Fearst | Sectiond | Terrazo | Quarto


for 4 Double Basses,
2009, 6 min

The 9th Gate

for Double Bass and Piano
2009, 7 min

The Awaking Of The Ducks

for Violin, Violoncello and Piano,
2009, 5 min


The Ascending of the Water Spirits

for flute,
2016, 16min (in progress)
(Commissioned by Marietheres Dietzschold-Bojakovsky

And at the End, there will be a Contrabass

for Contrabass,
2014, 6 min
You can find the notes here (excerpt).

White Shadows

for Violin,
2014, 5 min
(Commissioned by Georg Machac)

Intermezzo 1.484

for Harp,
2013, 5 min


for Acordeon and electronic,
2012, 6 min
Nox, Cursus Faculis, Historia Astoris


for Horn,
2012, 6 min
(Commissioned by Maximilian Dietzschold-Bojakovsky)
In The Woods | Chase On The Rotten Ground | Over The Whole Taiga Valley


for Piano,
2012, 5 min

Monolog für Milica

for Violin,
2011, 3 min

Memories of a Fallen One

for Piano, 6 min

Seven Tones

Fassung für Klavier solo,
2009/10, 7 min
Star Number One | Dwarf’s Town | Rain over the Lake | Parkuor | Sunset at the Sea | The Seven-spottet Ladybug | Stormy Full Moon

Dark Stars

for Piano,
2008, 5 min

Mord unterm Glockenturm

for Pinao,
2007, 4 min

Three Mystic Movements

for Piano,
2006, 8 min
Flying Walls | The Foggy Night | The Castle of Darkness


42nd Street

for Big Band,
2011, 7 min

Ein Märchen über Motive von Albert von Chamisso

for Stringorchestra,
2010/11, 25 min, in 12 Parts


for Big Band,
2010, 8 min


for Big Band,
2008, 6 min