After Jonas’ father celebrates the triumph of Conchita Wurst at the ESC 2014, the main caracter, Jonas, 18, makes fatal desicion: he comes out to be homosexual and introduces his partner to his parents. Althought the beginnig euphoria about tolerance of his father is gone completly and Jonas has to move out. More info here.

Herr Stühlmann is visting his weekly psychotherapist lesson with Dr. Klaus. A controversal and tragic-comedy chamberplay begins which leads the audience through an emotional journey of the methods of Dr. Klaus to get a step closer to understand the different world view of the 20years old Stühlmann.

1916 – We hear an old voice, remebering the day when his father left for war on a train station whn he was a child. The now old man is telling his last thoughts and emotion he had, when he saw his father the last in a very reflective and emotional way.