Step into a realm where music becomes an emotional journey, guided by the visionary composer Markus Zierhofer. With a blend of tradition and innovation, Zierhofer’s compositions speak a universal language that transcends boundaries.

Emotions Unleashed

Zierhofer’s music goes beyond words, expressing the depth of human emotions. Each composition is a vessel of feelings, from joy to contemplation, offering a profound connection to the essence of existence.

Tradition and Innovation

Markus Zierhofer harmonizes the classical with the contemporary. His melodies pay homage to heritage while embracing new arrangements, creating an evolving symphony that resonates with the present.

Experience the Invitations

Embark on an immersive journey through Markus Zierhofer’s musical tapestry. Feel the harmonious blend of history and innovation, and let your emotions resonate with the captivating melodies that paint his unique vision.

Markus Zierhofer’s composition isn’t just about music; it’s about experiencing the intangible, connecting with emotions, and uniting through the power of sound. Welcome to a world where music transcends sound and becomes an emotional voyage.

Music Intro

Step into a realm where melodies narrate and harmonies emote, shaping the very essence of film and games. Composer Markus Zierhofer creates sonic landscapes that blend orchestral grandeur with electronic innovation, elevating storytelling. From suspenseful crescendos to delicate motifs, Zierhofer’s music guides and resonates, leaving a lasting emotional connection. Experience unseen worlds and unspoken emotions through his transformative compositions.

Production Music Sub

Working in the modern media world, the useage and quality of pre-existing music for any kind of videos, clips, commercials or games becomes more and more important. In the last years I have also released Library albums through online publisher like EON Sounds, Klanglobby or RavenRed. As a professional composer I am expierence in writing and creating authentic “Mockups”, I worked for sample library companies such as Vienna Symphony Library or IK Multimedia to provide Demo Music for their specific products. Additionally I have carried out string and orchestral arrangements for several Folk/Schlager and Pop productions.

Concert Music Sub

For now I composed up to 80 works for live concerts. Performers for my pieces are for example:, “Tonkünstler Orchester”, “Max-Brandt Ensemble”, “Youth Orchestra Lower Austria” , “Urbia Quartet” “Bratislava Radio Symphony Orchestra”, “Sonus Quartet”. Beyond various orchestra arrangements for concert halls, I have also worked on several Folk/Schlager and Pop production where I have done the string and orchestral arrangements. Notation examples and an overview about my concert works you find here.

Game Music Sub

Making music for games is always a lot of fun and as well as in media music in general, the actual recogniseability in game music and on the other hand the unbelieveable flexibilty of it is what I think I probably take care the most of. Everyone who played Super Mario or Zelda will recognice the melody of it. The actual theme should guide and follow you through the journey of the game, sometimes very subtile but always underlining the emotion the player should feel.

Film Music Sub

The creation of music is the creation of emotion. My perspective to compose music to picture is that music always could add another layer, another aspect which leads to immerse the audience more into the film. It could be the subtile backstory of the caracter, the coloration and transitions of scenes and pictures, film music can be big and can be incerdible thin, music is movement and the useage of silence is equally important as creating memorable melodies.