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Raised among piano keys, music sampling machines, and consoles, trained in Austrian alps folk music and Vienna's avant-garde, he crafts orchestral soundtracks, melodies, and atmospheres for films and games. Born in 1993, the Austrian composer was captivated by game and film music.

Scored Vienna Film Music Prize scenes, attended Hollywood Music Workshop, collaborating with notable film composers. Created for TV, games, international concerts (London, Vienna, Auckland). Compositions in Austria, Germany, UK, US. Graduated from Vienna conservatory, studied under profs. Minkowitsch, Velkjovic, Reuter, Elias. Seeking intriguing projects, collaborations. Worked with Stella-Musica, international music libraries.


Step into a realm where music becomes an emotional journey, guided by the visionary composer Markus Zierhofer. With a blend of tradition and innovation, Zierhofer's compositions speak a universal language that transcends boundaries.

Emotions Unleashed

Zierhofer's music goes beyond words, expressing the depth of human emotions. Each composition is a vessel of feelings, from joy to contemplation, offering a profound connection to the essence of existence.

Tradition and Innovation

Markus Zierhofer harmonizes the classical with the contemporary. His melodies pay homage to heritage while embracing new arrangements, creating an evolving symphony that resonates with the present.

Experience the Invitations

Embark on an immersive journey through Markus Zierhofer's musical tapestry. Feel the harmonious blend of history and innovation, and let your emotions resonate with the captivating melodies that paint his unique vision.
Markus Zierhofer's composition isn't just about music; it's about experiencing the intangible, connecting with emotions, and uniting through the power of sound. Welcome to a world where music transcends sound and becomes an emotional voyage.


Step into a realm where melodies narrate and harmonies emote, shaping the very essence of film and games. Composer Markus Zierhofer creates sonic landscapes that blend orchestral grandeur with electronic innovation, elevating storytelling. From suspenseful crescendos to delicate motifs, Zierhofer's music guides and resonates, leaving a lasting emotional connection. Experience unseen worlds and unspoken emotions through his transformative compositions.


Ghost of Tsushima

Gangs of Sherwood

The Wagadu Chronicles

SISI - Season 3 - RTL+

Kung Fu Panda - The Dragon Knight

Live Score Berlin

4 Tage bis zur Ewigkeit

Path of Titans

Tim and Bash


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