4 Tage bis zur Ewigkeit

Markus composed the score for the drama „4 tage bis zur Ewgikeit“ produced by Star Mountain Pictures in Germany. With live recorded violin and cello, Markus developed a musical language that let the watcher feel the roughness of the castle where the main protagonist is trapped as well as let the emotional scenes be more impactful with lush strings and memorable melodies.

Based on the mysterious legend of Idilia Dubb. Germany, 19th century, in the Middle Rhine Valley. 17-year-old Idilia (Lea van Acken) wakes up badly injured in the middle of a gloomy castle ruin and can remember nothing. She is horrified to discover that there seems to be no escape for her.

Only her diary can help her decipher her past and reveals a secret romance with Caven (Eric Kabongo), an Abyssinian showman who has to work for Idilia's fiancé Franz Hagerberg (André M. Hennicke) at his human zoo exhibition.

The young woman's struggle for survival and her slowly returning memory blur reality and fantasy.

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