The Wagadu Chronicles

The Wagadu Chronicles is a groundbreaking MMO project set in an afro-fantasy universe. Following the game's successful Kickstarter in 2019, Markus accompanied studio Twin Drums on a trip to Ghana, where they recorded the country's breathtaking landscapes and the talent of its local musicians. Live-recorded balophone, kora, and various traditional drums are combined with modern production and orchestrals, resulting in a unique yet authentic soundscape to fit an immersive alternate world. The Wagadu Chronicles has been backed by Riot Games and is having its Early Access on Steam end of 2023. Over Live Score Berlin, this project also got recorded with a live orchestra. The blend between African inspired music and fantasy was not easy, but he succeeded in producing a very recognizable theme over the soundtrack, the bring the play into the world of Wagadu. Markus also had a talk in Paris at the GameChanger Event from Afrogameuses in October 2023

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